Permanent stamp booklet
Strip of 5 Dinosaur stamps
Picture, if you will, the perilous land these formidable creatures once inhabited during the Late Cretaceous period. The well-armored Euoplocephalus tutus ate mostly low-growing vegetation and defended itself from predators with a clubbed tail. Foraging herds of horned Chasmosaurus belli also kept a look out for hungry meat-eaters, but there was usually safety in numbers.
The ostrich-like Ornithomimus edmontonicus – an opportunistic predator itself – used its speed to outrun pursuers or catch its own snack. Meanwhile, in the shallow coastal waters of the inland sea that once covered much of North America, the mosasaur Tylosaurus pembinensis stalked fish as the king of its own domain.
But nothing was more ferocious than Tyrannosaurus rex, the famous tyrant king of dinosaurs. The enormous carnivore, featured on the stamp and uncut press sheet, has very real ties to Canada. “Scotty,” one of the most complete T. rex skeletons ever found, was unearthed near Eastend, Saskatchewan.
Souvenir sheet
—Whether being startled by them on the big screen, seeing their massive fossils in museums or reading books about them as children, dinosaurs have universal appeal. Their existence on Earth continues to capture the imagination of young and old alike.
Official First Day Cover
Uncut Press Sheet